Here is  a selection of music I recorded and mixed with Logic Pro

In 2012 I re-recorded the original Blade Runner Soundtrack for BSX Records. In a painstaking effort, I re-created each track in Logic note by note, sound by sound, using only internal plugins, to “clone” this film score masterpiece from 1982 that Vangelis recorded with his legendary analog synth sounds. My CD received critically acclaim from fans and critics alike and won “Best of 2012 Classic Film Scores” by the Film Music Society.

In 2013 I recorded the album “Silent Hills” for Perseverance Records. It features 16 tracks of the best music from the video game series "Silent Hill", one of the most successful video game franchises in the history of the business. I arranged, recorded and mixed the album again exclusively  in Logic Pro (playing all the instruments).

All my solo albums are recorded and mixed, of course, in Logic Pro

More Tracks available on SoundCloud

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Composer Reel

This is a selection of tracks with various styles from my composer reel

Vangelis: Blade Runner Soundtrack
Silent Hill Soundtrack
Edgar Rothermich: Why Not 90s Electronica
Edgar Rothermich: Why Not Electronica
Edgar Rothermich: Why Not Electronica Again
Edgar Rothermich: Why Not Solo Piano

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