Logic Manuals

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In 2012 I started my own book series “Graphically Enhanced Manuals” (GEM) to write manuals with a different style that are heavily based on graphics and diagrams and are not just dry text-based manual.

In this best-selling series, I also released a few Logic manuals. This is just the best way to learn this app, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or even an advanced user. The books are available as pdf files, printed books, and also as interactive multi-touch iBooks on Apple’s iBooks Store.

No other Logic books provide such an in-depth explanation (the Logic books have a total of over 1,100 pages) that is so easy to learn due to the visual approach.

Want to start with GarageBand first?

Your books can be considered as a reference model for software manuals. - Giovanni

I cannot praise you enough, you are great at this - Scot C.

Thank you for your wonderful book - Larry C.

Again, congratulations on a really excellent manual! - Richard H.

I love your manuals. They are a huge help and are written in a concise and informative style that is rare in the manual world! - Alex T.

Thanks for a fantastic series of books - just what the doctor ordered. -Peter W.

Many thanks for the effort you put into these books. A true gem. - Alan M.

I like your book style. Cuts to the workings and is spot on for a full explanation. - Alan M.

Love your writing! - Magnus N.



There are also a few free books